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a vibe.

by David Tran

This photo series is dedicated to Totem and the reason being because it has created so many opportunities for me and also driving me towards doing what I love; yes photography has a relation to this, but there's more to it. How can I say; There's a deeper meaning to doing what I love. Totem makes you realize things and instead of consuming information and going home to your regular routine the next day, Totem motivates you go to practice.

you don't believe we went to the moon?

by David Tran

From calculating weight and balance, to washing the windshields and to pulling and fuelling the plane, everything felt so surreal. I let go of my camera when we were flying over parts of Montreal just so I could enjoy what the heck I was actually doing. it's just a very hard feeling to explain, you know, when is it everyday you're given an opportunity to go fly; it's like Elliot jokingly saying "welcome to the mile high club" until he googled what it actually meant.

the campout photo series 

by David Tran

The inspiration I had behind this series was collaboration; the collaboration of 4 different individuals. The whole process to organize this trip lived up to the hype, planning the food for each day, stressing on snacks and battery power for our cameras was just an added bonus, what exceeded my expectations was the hiking itself, the path, the waterfall midway and the continuous scouting for moments to capture along the way. I don't like to write a lot, in hopes that my picture series explains the experience itself.

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Totem academy feature series

this is a photo series we've been working on for a couple of months now; still in the works. totem academy is a place where individuals come to express creativity, connect and collaborate with each other. we've been a part of totem since the very beginning and to personally see the evolution of each individual, it's strikingly inspiring, what started with 2 people is now 80. & every individual at totem has a story to tell, our goal with this series is to inspire others using our craft to portray these stories that carry the same values that totem and on the run portray. this is where our wolrd's collide.

featured work with we work mtl x mamahope

Mama Hope Organization teamed up with French Montana and his crew to organize a world wide movement with the intent of raising awareness about health needs across Africa and around the globe. 

French Montana wants to build a movement that goes beyond one clinic in one village. A movement that will bring unforgettable joy and opportunity to women, children and families in Uganda and across the globe.

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